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A soft superhero! Melvin is one of the kids favorites. And its not hard to understand why: He wears a cape that makes him fly. He is big (52 cm long!) and soft, wearing a slim fit sweater and a very stylish French mustache.

When he isn´t out saving the world, he prefers to read books and learn new things.

An example to follow, he´s motto is “Saving the world- one hug at a time!

You find him and others in the collection of knitted animals and friends from HipKnitShop.


The idea behind HipKnitShop is to give toys personality and be fun, as well as a educational and soft friend for kids. Children easily get attatched and fond of their toys. They interact, and learn about life when talking and listening and having conversations with them,and about feelings, amongst others.

One of the best thing – he is handmade by crafty awesome people!

You can find our superhero toy here: Melvin Superhero Toy

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