Handmade toy Arthur


Arthur is the first one in the collection of knitted animals and friends from HipKnitShop. A really cool friend, who´s up for almost anything. He enjoys the little things in life, and is happy with just being included in activities around the house. His favorites are playtime in the kidsroom, or snuggling up in the couch watching a good movie. Basically just anywhere there is a chance for lots of snuggling and good times.

He was created for the designers boys, who wanted to make a unique and fun friend for them. Something out of the ordinary, that did not look like everyone else´s toy. Arthur also needed to be safe, free from chemicals and toxins.

They love putting his feet though his ears, and carrying him around with his long feet. We treat him like he deserves, bringing him to dinner, cinema, and favorite bedtime stories. A great familymember in this house.

The idea behind HipKnitShop is to give toys personality and be fun, as well as a educational and soft friend for kids. Children easily get attatched and found of their toys. They interact, and learn about life when talking and listening and having conversations with them,and about feelings, amongst others.

One of the best thing is that you can also choose to knit him yourself, or shop him all cute and ready for a new home. Either way he is handmade by crafty awesome people!

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