About hipknitshop


New exclusive brand from Norway.

Happy kids – Happy homes!

Inspired by kids and their wonderful world of creativity and imagination. The products are soft, cool and fun. Colorful and fresh. Awesome unique personality and abilities.
Everybody needs a friend.

Handmade in alpaca wool, one of the world´s finest natural fibers. Heavenly soft, durable and washable – perfect for snuggling and decorating.

Our knitters have a long tradition with both needlework and embroidery. They put a lot of work into to every product. All of our friends and pillows are handknitted and therefore unique and one-of-a-kind.

Produced after Fair Trade Principles.

We work together with small self-employed families and workshops based in Peru. Our goal is to make and sell products that carry a high human value.

Some details are completed by the designer herself in Norway.

You will also find ONE-of-a-kind items now and then, made in Norway by Hipknitshop’s designer.

Friends and pillows are 100% alpaca, free of toxins and chemicals. Filled with 100% polyester. Allergy-friendly and non-flammable. Tested and CE – approved.


New norwegian brand – for knitters world wide.

100 % wool

Supersoft, breathable and stretchy yarn! Perfect for beginners and all who want an awesome knitting experience. Easy to get a great result.

Happy sheep!

HipKnitShop values animal welfare. The sheep live in large areas of the peruvian highland. They are well taken care of by independant shepard families with long traditions of sheep farming and wool production.

Mulesing free wool.

Micron range 24,5 mic to 28,5 mic.

Everything with wool we love! It´s natural, renewable and biodegradable.

HipKnitShop also loves Do It Yourself- therefor we offer you to:

Make your own fashion. DIY- knitting patterns.
Make your own friends: DIY- knitting patterns



Our Mohair yarn is 80 % mohair, 20 % polyamide. Luxury yarn with the same quality as wool that give your knit a delightful fluffy halo. Mohair yarn is soft, silky, and breathable to keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Mohair produced in South Africa where the goats live in good conditions, and live in flocks. All farmers have to be registered sustainable mohair producers. Horns are not removed.

Yarn is produced under sustainable guidelines, in collaboration with Textile exchange and RMS (Responsible mohair standard).