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DIY Christmas Decorations


So much fun to make for christmas! We would like to share with you this cute knitting pattern that can be used in so many fun ways!

These little trees are perfect for decorating your presents for someone special. For hanging on your christmastree, doorknobs or cabinets.

Knit many and you can use as a garland. Perfect for both kidsroom – and livingroom.

Use up all your scrapyarn and have fun making your own trees!

Pattern includes two sizes and tips for making different sizes.

You can find the pattern here: Christmas Tree knitting pattern

HAVE FUN! #DIYchristmas #LittleKnittedtrees


free knitting patterns

free knitting patterns

Christmas Tree knitting pattern

Knitwear for Norwegian summers


In Norway we can wear wool all year around. Summerdays can be cold, and the wind strong and a bit freezing.

MountainTop Sweater is inspired by the Norwegian nature, with the triangle pattern resembling mountains. Our nature is beautiful, powerful and colorful – choose the colors you love the most for your MountainTop Sweater.

Pictures here are to inspire you ! Happy summer – whether you spend it surrounded by nature or in the city!

strikkeoppskrift genser barnfjelltoppgenserknitting pattern menstrikk til familieneasy knittingpattern womens sweateknit pattern kidskids knittingpattern sweaterstrikkeoppskrift genser barnknitted sweater kids patterneasy knittingpattern kids

strikkeoppskrift genser barnstrikkeoppskrift genser barn









We love stripes!


We love stripes! In our shop you can find a variety of sweaters with stripes and beautiful colors.

Easy knittingpatterns on big needles. Perfect for summer! Some are available as knitting pattern as well as knitting kit with pattern and wool. In the kits you get the knittingpattern for free.

summerknit sweater women knitting pattern webshopknitting pattern sweater with stripesknitting pattern women stripes raglan

knitting pattern women stripes raglanknitting pattern sweater with stripesknitting pattern and yarn womens striped sweaterwomen sweater colorful knitting pattern webshop genser dame strikkeoppskrift

In our knitting kits you can choose colors, language and the size you prefer. If you have any questions or need help choosing colors – just write us a mail and we will help as best as we can.

Knitting kits : Knitting kits – Knitting pattern and wool

Contact us here


jubel sweater kidsknittingpattern kids raglan cardigan

Kniitingpattern womens knitknitting pattern womens sweater stripes jubel sweaterknitting pattern women sweater raglansleeves

Hello fall and winter – we are ready!

Hello fall and winter- we are ready!

Introducing new patterns these days, AND knitting kits.

We LOVE wool!

Now you can but it all together. New menu will be arriving shortly, for you to easier find and choose colors, sizes and fashion!

Find the new patterns/knitting kits here

Edgar Octopus

Strikket blekksprut strikkeoppskrift barnknitting pattern toys kids design kidsroomStrikket blekksprut strikkeoppskrift barn

Knitting Pattern Octopus

Our Hip Knitted Friends are growing! Meet the newest familymember Edgar. He is Olga´s cousin, and a bit improved from our previous pattern. He´s a artistic guy- and HOW lucky to have 6 arms keeping up with all his hobbies.

Pattern available in norwegian first- in english shortly. Fin him here – .


New knittingpatterns – Parkenstrikk / Festivalknits

Knittingpatterns coming within the next weeks: Festival jacket, Jubeltop , Jubel Tee, Lola sweater and AHA sweater. Lola and Festival jacket are made with Hip Wool. PDF patterns will be available in shop in both english and norwegian , together with a knitting booklet (norwegian).

strikkeoppskrifter parkenstrikk festivaljakka

jubelstrikk, parjkenstrikk, jubelgenser, jubeljakka, strikkeoppskrift

Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, Lola genser, festivaljakka , jubelstrikk, knit patterns , genser dame, herrejakke

Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, Lola genser, festivaljakka , jubelstrikk, knit patterns , genser dame, herrejakke










Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, Lola genser, festivaljakka , jubelstrikk, knit patterns , genser dame, herrejakke

Parkenstrikk, Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, festival jacket, strikkeoppskrift dame

Find patterns here. Most of them are available in both english pattern and norwegian.






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