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Knit a Bestfriend Knitting Booklet

189.00 kr

Knitting booklet with 10 friends and toys.

Norwegian only.


Includes Fiona, Herbert, Arthur, Mildred,

Edgar, Ice cream, cactus, littlebrothers backpack,

Bobbo bunny and Unicorn carl.



Happy kids – Happy homes!

Because we love knitting and beautiful friends! Our knitting booklet has 10 different patterns, some small and some bigger. Step-by-step knitting instruction, from easy to a bit more skilled level.

Printed version, not PDF.


Booklet includes

Fiona bunny, Herbert the hedgehog, cousins Arthur and Mildred.

Edgar octopus, Ice cream, Cactus, Littlebrothers buddy backpack,

Bobbo bunny and our little Unicorn carl.

Enjoy creating magical and lovable creatures!


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